About us

Who we are?

BioTipp was founded by scientists for scientists way back in the last century (1990) and has since evolved to become a leading supplier of culture media, consumables, diagnostics and apparatus to the IVF/ART sector. In fact as they used to say in Denmark – BioTipp is 'probably' the best and most reliable IVF supplier in the world!

Distributed products from over 75 international suppliers, including many temperature sensitive goods, are transported by effective Supply Chain Management (SCM) thus keeping transit times to a minimum and guaranteeing you traceable deliveries when you need them. Many hospital managers are trying to reduce the number of suppliers they deal with, hence the appeal of BioTipp as a single source, single delivery and single invoice.

BioTipp’s head office is strategically located in Ireland’s Golden Vale in Tipperary and is reaping all the benefits of operating from the only English speaking country in Euroland - a factor particularly attractive to US and GB suppliers. With Brexit looming (or not) our location is becoming more important.

BioTipp operates under a customer service and satisfaction oriented policy is ISO9001:2000 registered and is an avid fan of the EU Tissue Directive !

Our corporate quality policy and objectives are:

  1. 1. As a 24-7-52 company, BioTipp is contactable around the clock, 7 days a week 52 weeks a year.
  2. For temperature-sensitive goods, such as culture media etc., BioTipp aims to provide an overnight service to Great Britain and Europe and 48 hour service elsewhere.
  3. Once established as a customer, BioTipp undertakes to maintain minimum stocks for that particular customer and so avoid any last minute / emergency requirements. This policy appeals to our IVF customers in view of the unpredictable nature of that sector.
  4. Using the old adage, „The customer is always right”, and our own version of another „A customer in need is a customer indeed”, BioTipp aims to assure customer satisfaction.
  5. Our staff work in a versatile team atmosphere encouraging productivity and most important, enjoyment in the workplace.
  6. BioTipp's success is measured through satisfied customers enjoying the benefit of a stable, viable and reliable organisation continually striving for improvement.

It is our pleasure to serve you and please contact us with any queries you may have.

Sincerely yours
Joe Walsh
Managing Director